The Hero’s Movement

Graphic Design & Branding

Design Vision: The Hero’s Movement is a retreat for men looking to lead more holistic & fulfilling lives. The Retreat is held in Northern California & has a strong focus on empowering personal growth through exploration of self & the great outdoors. The goal of the logo is to capture the emotions that drive the movement, while appealing to the masculine audience.

Logo: Throughout my conversations with the client, sunrise, warmth & growth were mentioned repeatedly. The client wanted visitors to feel the high, warm energy of the movement, while conveying that participating in the retreat will lead to personal growth.

The masculine silhouette in the logo is a direct reference to the audience of the movement. The pensive expression is a reference to the self-discovery & exploration experienced during the retreat.


Visual Design

Graphic Design, Branding, Typography


Illustrator, InDesign

interactive e-flyer

Leading up to the weeks before The Hero’s Movement, the founders needed a quick and simple way to advertise the retreat to potential attendees. This interactive flyer is a short, concise version of The Hero’s Movement and it’s values. The idea was to send this flyer via email to men interested in the retreat.

Special Feature: A video was included in the e-flyer. I provided 3 versions of this interactive PDF. Once the user clicks the file, the video is set to Play On-Click, Play On Open or Redirect the user to the video section on the homepage of the website.