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I often find it difficult to navigate Los Angeles using public transportation. Since I grew up in the NY/NJ area, I became accustomed to complex transportation systems made easy with centralized maps & apps that clearly detail the options in my city. This app aims to provide that same conveniency to the population of LA that chooses not to drive.


GOBUS is a conceptual iOS app for commuters that use public transportation in Los Angeles. Users can track buses in real-time, schedule trips, & reload TapCards directly from a smart phone.


The basic purpose of this app is to simplify travel from one location to another. I decided to keep the logo clean & scalable by placing a simplified bus icon inside of a location pin. I imagined that the logo would also be used as the app’s icon, so the image had to be a clear indicator of the purpose of the app.


There were many issues to address when figuring out the goals of the app. I decided that best way to solve the issues was to clearly specify all of the problems I have faced while using public transportation in LA. Afterwards, I separated the issues into as few categories as possible, in hopes of achieving as many desired goals on one screen. I found that many of the issues only existed because they were an effect of a previous problem.

Eventually, I was able to solve all of the problems by breaking down the solutions into 3 categories, track, schedule & reload. Each solution is briefly present in the prototypes.