Give Heart Fundraiser

Graphic Design

Design Vision: #GiveHeart was a fundraiser to buy a community/spiritual center in Venice, CA. Givers recieved attractive perks based on their donation value. Each donation contributed to the expansion of Full Circle Venice. This design was featured in their campaign on with hopes of  encouraging visitors to give to the cause.


Visual Design

Graphic Design, Typography


Photoshop, Illustrator

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Content Placement

The content was provided by the client and contained a large amount of valuable information. Since this graphic was to be featured on a Generosity campaign page, the content needed to be easy to read & scan. I decided that the best way to achieve readability was to divide the text into sections contained by boxes, & to emphasize important information with bold text.

Color Scheme & Imagery

The client requested a slate blue color scheme to match their branding. The yellow was added to bring liveliness to the graphic. Since this was a fundraiser, it was important to highlight who the donations would affect. I decided to use photos of members of the Spiritual Center to appeal to the emotions of the visitor. Each image was selected to make the giver feel compassion & excitement for the future of Full Circle.