California Explorer

Branding & Landing Page

Design Vision: California Explorer is a conceptual iOS app for hikers & adventurers. Users can browse top hiking trails, plan a trip and contribute to the community by rating hiking locations, campsites and natural landscapes. The goal of the landing page is to encourage adventurers to download the app.

The landing page gives visitors a taste of the app’s power by immediately inviting visitors to search for a hiking trail, followed by the call-to-action. Visitors that are still uncertain about downloading the app can read featured blog posts created by writers and fellow community members, or they can browse popular hiking trails. The quote by a respected(albeit fictional) Explorer is the last attempt to encourage the visitor to download the app.

Ideally, this app is for adventurer between the ages of 18-32 & would be used before & during their excursions. In order to appeal to the audience, the color scheme reflects a mature & earthy tone. Finally, the logo has sharp edges accompanied by a pointed Sans-Serif in order to maintain a modern, yet exciting mood.

(This is an on-going project)


Visual Design

Branding, Typography, Web Design, Mobile Design


Illustrator, Sketch