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A Universal History of Infamy is a multi-site exhibition engaging 16 U.S. Latino and Latin American artists and collectives whose practices defy disciplinary boundaries. A Universal History of Infamy unfolds across three venues: A Universal History of Infamy at LACMA, a project by Vincent Ramos at Charles White Elementary School, and Virtues of Disparity at 18th Street Arts Center. The specific mission and environment differ at each venue, highlighting curatorial nodes of the overall exhibition project: strategies of display via an encyclopedic museum (LACMA), pedagogy—or methods of teaching—through a school (Charles White Elementary School), and artist research at an artist residency complex (18th Street Arts Center).” – “PST LA/LA – LACMA at 18th Street: A Pacific Standard Time LA/LA Exhibition.” http://pstlala-lacma.18thstreet.org/18th Street Arts Center. Web. 13 Sept. 2017.

The goal of this website is to highlight each artists work, present/reiterate the locations of each exhibit & publicize upcoming events. As the website designer & developer on this project, I achieved these goals by creating a design that doesn’t compete with the artists works & makes the website easy to use.

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